Ava has developed three Hearts for Hope presentations geared toward three age groups! All three presentations discuss spreading kindness, anti-bulling, mental health, and suicide prevention.

Ava has been able to present Hearts for Hope to thousands nationally and internationally. 

Hearts for Hope
Presentation Options

Presentation 1: This presentation is for Pre-K to 3rd grade. In this session Ava reads the book "Have you Filled your Bucket Today?" which shows kid's how being kind can affect themselves and other's around them. She then ends this session by passing out Peyton Hearts for each child to take home.

(Estimated length 20 minutes)


Presentation 2: This presentation is for 4th-6th grade. In this session Ava has a presentation that discusses the mission of The Peyton Heart Project,  Anti-bullying, and positive mental health. This is an interactive presentation where each child has the opportunity to make their own Peyton Heart to take home and scatter. 

(Estimated time 30-40 minutes) 

Group size must be under 20 students at a time.

Presentation 3: This presentation is for grades 7-12. In this session Ava discusses the topics of mental health, suicide prevention, anti-bullying, and the mission of The Peyton Heart Project while also sharing a story of hope. At the end of this session Ava passes out Peyton Hearts, holds a meet and greet with students, and  takes photos.

(Estimated 30-40 minutes)


Ava also hosts community heart making events! At these events, hearts are made to be sent to The Peyton Heart Project and all over the world! 

To book Ava for an event, visit the contact page on this site!

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